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As we all know, at our school when we are seniors we are able to get a day off, and to leave the school at 2 p.m during fourth quarter. To be eligable for this privilege you have to meet certain standards. You must have good grades, attendence, and behavior, then you must take the Student Climate Survey, and turn in your permission form in order to utilize your senior privileges. Seniors will be expected to carry their pass at all times, and show it to any adult supervisor when requested to do so on their way out. Seniors will not be allowed to transport any student that doesn’t have a pass off school property at this time, or stay in the parking lot
themselves. In other words, if they leave the building during AAA or Bison Time, they will be expected to leave the school property. If any senior abuses this privilege or demonstrates that he/she cannot handle this freedom, he/she will have this privilege taken away.
“I like the senior privileges we have. I mean, I don’t get to use them very much, but when I do I usually go get a banana and water before I go to track” said Taylor Spier

Ever wonder what other seniors get as privileges at their school?

Big Lake-
The whole senior year the seniors get to pick if they want two hours off in the morning or afternoon.
Fourth quarter you are able to leave campus during AAA/Bison Time, also get the day before prom off.
The last Tuesday of the year, seniors are not required to go to school the rest of the week.
Maple Lake-
They have a last hour study hall which they don’t have to go to fourth quarter. They get the last week off.
Seniors get off a week early.
They get the last 30 minutes of school to go home.
The seniors are able to be TA’s. They get the last week off of school (before graduation.)

What school do you want to go to?

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