Adapted Softball

The adapted softball season has just started.  Adapted softball is a sport created to give kids with disabilities a chance to participate in sports just like anyone else. It has the same rules as “normal” softball but the biggest difference is that they play in the gym with a plastic bat and a wiffle ball. There are two divisions, the CI (cognitively impaired) and PI (physically impaired). Within the two divisions, there are also a north and south division, Buffalo competes in the North CI division.

The team practices two days a week until Spring Break, when the team gets back from Spring Break, they have two games a week until the end of May. The practices and games are on Monday and Wednesday this year. It changes every two years between Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday

“I really love sports and coming into teaching that was one thing I thought about started getting into, but the first year I started here there happened to be an opening and the coach asked if I was interested and I thought it was just a very good fit with the job I do, plus the sports that I love” said Co-Head Coach Dave Kaufmann.  “[My favorite thing] is to see the growth from the beginning of the season, to the end of the season.”

Photo by Alyssa Baldwin

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