The New Obsession with Eyebrows

Some of the talk on Twitter and Tumblr lately hasn’t been what most people would expect.  The latest trend isn’t about “thigh gaps” or “big bootys,” it’s eyebrows.  Posts on Vine, Twitter, and Snapchat have been using the phrase “eyebrows on fleek,” which explains how “bomb” your brows are. To some people eyebrows are a very important feature.

Senior Hannah Studee seems to think eyebrows have a impact on how people see you.  “Eyebrows are very important, they frame your face and eyes.  If you’re missing eyebrows, it’s like missing your mouth.  You would look weird.  You need eyebrows to make your face.  I spent about 30 minutes once a week shaping my brows, but daily only like five minutes.” Even though eyebrows are important, even the people that really care don’t know where the trend came from. “I think the big thing with eyebrows came from make-up and clothing trends, but I’m not really sure.”

While others are obsessed, some could care less.

“I think the trend got started from people with bad eyebrows (unibrows).  I don’t think they are that important, they don’t represent who you are,” says senior Emily Pierce. “I spend zero minutes on my eyebrows, never touched them.”

Some people are completely oblivious to the trend of eyebrows.

“I didn’t know there was an obsession with eyebrows,” says senior James Braatz.  “If people’s eyebrows are really bad I notice, but otherwise I can’t tell the difference.  There are definitely not one of the top-five features, but if you didn’t have them you would look whack. I guess people are obsessed with them because they want to look good?”

Although eyebows are important now, who knows what the next trend will be.

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