E-Cigs: Harmful or Not?

Cigarettes. Cigarettes kill 400,000 Americans per year. They are legal, but very lethal. It is said that one of out every five Americans are addicted.

There is now an alternative product called E-Cigs.  An E-Cig is a “battery powered vaporizer which has a similar feel to tobacco smoking.”

There is limited evidence suggesting that e-cigarettes are more safe than traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarette usage appears to be similar in toxicity to the use of other nicotine replacement products. No long-term studies have shown that e-cigarettes are a “healthier alternative” to traditional cigarettes.

So why smoke them?

“They are fun, and you can do cool tricks with them. They also taste good, but they are mostly fun,”  said an Anonymous Junior 

Altogether, in 2012 more than 1.78 million middle and high school students nationwide had tried e-cigarettes. This raises concern that there may be young people for whom e-cigarettes could be an entry point to the use of conventional tobacco products, including cigarettes.

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Emily Pierce

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