Halloween: Orange and Black Is Coming

Every year, on October 31 Halloween is celebrated in many different ways. Halloween is one of the oldest holidays, and still celebrated in several countries around the world. Halloween is filled with many different activities, such as; trick or treating, costume parties, bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, haunted houses, and fun for all ages.


Halloween by Buffalo High School Students (BHS)can be celebrated in many ways. Students celebrate Halloween with trick-or-treating, going to parties, haunted houses, Valley Scare, and more. Ninety-seven percent at students at BHS like Halloween. 

“You are able to become something (Vampire, Witch, etc.) you’ve always dreamed of,” said Sophomore Lindsey Kappa.

“When I was in elementary, and younger, I used to love getting free candy, and dressing up, and of course staying up later. But know being older it just isn’t that fun anymore. But, when your older I don’t believe in it [trick-or-treating],” said Senior Rachael Etter.

Halloween originates from the Catholic Church.  With November 1st being “All Saints Day”, people used to dress up as saints.  Over the years it has changed to dressing up as anything they choose. Fifty-nine percent of BHS students are dressing up for Halloween this year. Costumes can come in a numerous of ways, and all different prices. 

Money Students Spend On Halloween Costumes Bar Graph From: Kids Zone
Money Students Spend On Halloween Costumes Bar Graph From: Kids Zone
 “I’ll probably do a mo hawk with my hair, put on a smokey eyed make-up, blood drippings on my mouth, and all black clothes,” said Kappa.

With dressing up comes trick-or-treating.  Trick-or-treating has many origins and has developed over the years.  It first came about in the ninth-century.  It was a European custom called souling were Christians would walk from village to village begging for “soul cakes”.  Now kids go door-to-door for candy.  Forty-four percent of students plan on going trick-or-treating this year.  Candy is one of the main things students like about Halloween.

“…It”s a total excuse to go crazy with candy,” said Junior Katarina Randall.

Whether you enjoy Halloween or not, it is a holiday that has been celebrated for centuries.

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