Time For Improvement

About 1,100 students eat school lunches daily, lunches cost $2.65 without any extras.  The schools takes in about $559,680 a year from just the school lunches alone.  20 random Students were asked to answer one question:  1-10, on a avage how good do you think our lunches are? The average number was 4.35 out of 10.  Everyone who took the survey said the lunches can and should be improved.

“Bring back 2011 food!” Says Senior Taylor Triplett.

Student are upset with the food that is being served us.  Seniors seems to be the most upset about the lunches.  Seniors have experienced the good lunches and now deal with the new lunches being offered.  Students miss the soups, dirt cakes.

“Bring back the dank 2011 popcorn chicken,” says Senior Lief Herzfeld.

“Stop feeding us horse, feed us real food!” Says Senior Ciara Pepper.

Students hate the schools lunches.  They are upset about the school dressing being put away and having no salt to put on there food.  What could thaey take away next?

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