Is Winter Over Already?

The past couple of years we have had some long winters. So far, this year seems to be going differently. It got cold a lot quicker, and had the first big snowfall early. Since then, there hasn’t been too much snow. Lately it’s been warming up. It feels like spring. So this brings the question, is winter over already? Most people at BHS don’t seem to think so.

“I like the warm weather, I’m kind of sick of this winter. We haven’t had much snow, so it might as well be spring. ” said sophomore Connor Boster. “It would be nice if it lasted longer, but I know it’s supposed to snow soon and that snow will probably stay.”

Some people think that this winter is going to be like last years.

“I think it’s a false alarm.” said Junior Hannah Studee. “It makes me get all excited for spring, but then it just gets cold and snows. It’s going to snow again in the next couple of days and it won’t be gone early.”

Not everybody is happy about this warm weather. Winter can be done and spring can start. This weather is great, but to the people that like winter, it doesn’t feel normal. Then again, no winter in Minnesota really seems normal. It does its own thing, always unpredictable.

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