The Kuhlman FireBird

For Senior Reed Kuhlman his passion for dancing all started from listening to a type of music called DubStep. A genre that is typically instrumental based, characterized by a sparse, syncopated rhythm and a strong base line.

“I just thought it looked pretty cool, so one day I went on Youtube and searched how to DubStep dance, and from there on I taught myself.” Kuhlman stated.

His interest was further sparked when he came across a video of a dancer by the name of Marquese  Scott on YouTube; this particular video having over one million views, who is known for his popular Dub Step dances.

Kuhlman has  been dancing for over a year now; he’s even created his own YouTube channel where he posts all of his various dance performances, and on Feb. 8, 2014 he decided  to show off his unique talent at the Buffalo High School’s Tri M Variety Talent show. His amazing dance; described by other students as being so smooth he seems almost boneless,  to a DubStep mix of Igor Stravinsky’s piece called Firebird, which received quite a lot of positive feedback from the audience.

“I wasn’t very much nervous, but more excited to do my performance.”

One of his  biggest supporters is his girlfriend Senior Sierra Varner, who is always there for him making sure he shows off all his skills in every performance.

“It’s almost like he was born with this talent, he always gives 100 percent when he’s dancing, and I’ve never seen him  happier than he is after he  performs.” Says Varner.

He plans to continue on as a dance teacher, even though he might not teach the dance he has this passion for it’s still his long time goal for the future.

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