One Act Play Stars at State

The Triangle Factory Fire Project this years one act play, placed in the Section five AA finals and went to state on February 13, 2014. The judges awarded the the cast with the star performance rating. This is their first star performance rating since 2005. The one act play has made many appearances at state throughout the years.


“Yes I have gone to state before,” said Senior Michael Capps.” We went my freshman year and sophomore year. I am excited that I get to go again in my senior year  because I wanted to be able to go to state at least once more since we got disqualified last year.”

 Rules for a one act play is that you have to cut down the original script to 35 minutes or less, and that you only have ten minutes to set up, then ten minutes to take down and it has to be in a ten by ten square.

“The cutting of the script is the hardest part, because we have to cut out lines and figure out which is the best to keep,” said Capps.

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