Senior Capstone

At the end of every year Seniors in Arts Magnet have to produce a product(s) based off of what their art major is, which is presented in the Arts Finale show. Many students change their major throughout their years here at BHS.

Senior Kassie Nisbet if making a series of Ceramic Pieces. She is currently in ceramics 2 & 3. Nisbet didn’t even know her major until this year.

“I was on the fence about Arts Magnet because I wasn’t sure about what to do for capstone.” said Nisbet. “Then I took ceramics 2 & 3 and fell in love with it.”

Senior Lauren Faulhaber is majoring in Visual Arts. She painted a mural of pixelated people, and made a comic zine. A zine is most commonly a small circulation self-published work of original and/or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced via photocopier.

“The capstone project has kind of pushed me to bring together everything I have learned over the past couple of years, and make one big final project.” said Faulhaber. “I find zine culture really fascinating, and they’re more personal than anything I have seen.”

The Arts Finale is Thursday May 30th, from 6:30pm -9:30pm at the PAC. Come watch and support all of our Seniors with their capstone projects.

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Taylor Eakins

17, Senior graduating in 2013 from Buffalo Senior High School. Involved in Softball, Art, and soon to be in college for Psychology. I like to take occasional photography, and working/ writing for the hoofprint.

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