Wait, whats a Vine?

Another new popular app has hit Buffalo high school  and it’s called Vine. Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see.  So may this new social network be replacing twitter?

Freshman Viner Blake Kloster states, “I actually like Vine more than Twitter it’s more fun than just typing something up,you get to be creative!”

That seems to be a trend. The point of social networking is to see what people are doing at all times. Whats better than seeing the events through the eyes of the actual person?

Although the sole purpose of vine was to inform people about what you’re doing a majority of kids use it to be funny, “I mean I post just random videos that people will hopefully find funny.” says Kloster

Sophomore Katie Harty says, “I just post stupid stuff on vine. Mostly just make a bunch of random noises and when it’s all put together it sounds cool!” Harty also agrees with Kloster that she likes Vine more, “I like vine more because you can actually see what people are up to an whats going on, and most people’s vines are really funny and entertaining.”

Old trends will never fade though, sophomore Madi Phyle also voices her opinion, “I like twitter better than I like vine. I do  like vine too though because its fun to see what everyone is up to & with social networking it is a way to just be creative With the videos & stuff. I try to post stuff that shows how I act & what I like to do, even though they may be extremely stupid.”

All in all Vine is just another way to express yourself through videos to fellow peers. It’s a fun and new app that shows people your creative side. The only down side is Vine is only compatible with apple products such as iPhone’s, iPod’s, and iPad’s. It’s not compatible with any other cellular device.

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