The BEST week ever

Thanks to the unwelcome winter in April and MCA testing, seniors have had spent little time actually in school. With leaving early on Monday then having a late start on Tuesday and Wednesday, seniors were already in for an easy week. Then leaving early again on Thursday, and ending the week with a snow day made for the best school week ever.

“It was pretty cool. I got lots of sleep. I had friends sleepover for my birthday and then we went to school late,” said Senior Jojo Hesse.

This was a rare occurrence for Buffalo High School students, especially with the snow happening in April. With the weather already ruining the spring’s sports season this snow day may have been an uplifter.

“I played lots of Tennis. I wanted to hang out with my bud Eli but he’s grounded til summer. I miss him, it was the worst week of my life,” said Senior Adam Hartung.

After nine years of completing the MCA’s, seniors may of deserved this week.

“I slept in Tuesday and Wednesday morning because of MCA’s. With the early release on Monday I could have gone to work early but who would do that? Not me,” laughed Senior Kari LaPlant.

Now that snowstorm Zeuss came to Minnesota this week summer may never come. High hopes for a mild winter next year. The best week ever may never happen again.

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