2010 – Finally in Black

As you walked though the senior hallway at Buffalo High School on September 24, 2009, a swarm of students in black celebrated being seniors.  Before they reached the senior locker bay, the seniors swarmed at the “rock” to continue a tradition. 

Getting at the “rock” around 6:00 a.m. has always been a tradition for seniors.  It’s when they are allowed to celebrate the fact that they are almost done with school and show off their seniority.   

“Me and a bunch of friends got up at 5:00 to get ready and go to the rock.  It was so much fun,” said Senior Jackalyn Blauert.

The early arrivers receivedDSC03422(2) chocolate doughnuts from the administration.  Unlike other years, there was a couch there brought by Senior Spencer Berg for the tired seniors to rest on.  Senior Kyle Sandberg waved a flag saying “10” to represent the 2010 graduating seniors. 

The students captured the memories by standing on the painted rock and taking pictures with all their friends.

After all the picture taking was done and other students started arriving the seniors moved to the student parking lot entrances.  Showing of their seniority they cheered on all the other seniors arriving and booed the lower grades. 

“It was sad seeing the parents coming in to drop off their kids.  I would feel bad for my kid if I was a parent.  But it was great cheering on all the other seniors,” said Senior Amanda West.

When it was finally ready for school to almost begin, all the seniors gathered at the entrance to the school to get ready for their march through the hallway.  The staff were leery in making sure that the seniors went straight to their locker bay with out tormenting the younger grades.  The seniors obliged and walked through the hall.  Stopping at the atriam the seniors  yelled 2010 showing their excitement.

“Marching through the hallways was a great expirence, because it united us as a class,” said Senior Hannah Gulstad.

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