Fish of April

Walking around the school this past week, students and staff noticed cutouts of different fish taped up and down the hallways, lockers, and staircases. The fish were cut out by Jason Swanson’s french classes to be hung up around the school as an April fools joke.

“I saw that the words written on the fish were in French,” said Freshman Danielle Norton. “But I didn’t know what it meant. I assumed it had to do with the French classes.”

On April 1st, Swanson’s French classes took 20 minutes out of the block to make their fish and scatter them throughout the school. It was their little April fools joke to play on the school.

“We got to make any fish we wanted to during the class hour,” said Sophomore Sydney Driver. “ It was a requirement to make at least one. I made two, a starfish and a jellyfish.”

The words that were written on the fish were, “poisson d’avril”, which means, fish of April.

“Its like an old tale that on April fools, the French go and buy fish,” said Driver. “They throw the fish at their friends or stick it in their closet or backpack. When the fish starts to rot, it’s like an April fools joke. It’s like when you stick a “kick me sign” on someone’s back in America. In France, you put a fish on someone’s back. It kind of has the same meaning.”

The fish have stayed hung up around the school, creating confusion and jokes on the students.

Story By Bailey Hanson & Maddi Herzfeld

Photos By Maddi Herzfeld

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