A New Way of Learning

After taking almost four years of classes, sometimes seniors run out of classes that intrigue and interest them.

Vicki Cary, a long-time writing and English teacher at BHS, came up with the idea of a class where students pick their own subjects and teach themselves about those topics.

“Another school tried a project where students designed their own curriculum,” said Cary. “I thought it sounded like a good idea so I figured we could try it this quarter.”

The idea of a self-taught class intrigued eight of this year’s seniors, and so far they are enjoying the experience of learning on their own.

“We get to be our own teachers,” said Senior Austin Brandes. “We have the opportunity to teach ourselves subjects that we are interested in. It’s different, but I love it.”

This may seem to outsiders as an opportunity for these students to slack off. The infamous senior slide is beginning to set in and this could be taken as another way for kids to avoid schoolwork. Contrary to those beliefs, these students continue to work hard in class every day.

“We have to put together a presentation for the teachers and the school board about what we learned,” added Brandes. “We also are going to teach what we learned to the other kids in the class.”

This is only a tentative beginning to this course. It could take any shape or form in the following years, but for now the future seems to be very bright.

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