Making the First Move

Who should make the first move, men or women?

There are many different opinions from the students at BHS on whether the male or female should make the first move. Some women believe in the more traditional way of doing things, and that guys should always initiate things.

“I think that guys should make the first move,” said Sophomore Anna Demgen. “It’s awkward if girls start it, guys just seem to have better judgement.”

Some women believe that it could be guy or the girl who makes the first move.

“It depends on the situation, and how comfortable you are with each other,” said Senior Hope Mueller. “If you really like someone, than it doesn’t matter who starts it. What matters is the relationship.”

Some guys do not mind making the first move, but struggle at knowing whether a girl likes them or not.

“I don’t want to get turned down,” said Junior Levi Bean. “I believe guys should be required to make the first move, but girls should initiate some flirtatious gestures first so we know they are interested.”

Some guys, on the other hand, would prefer that girls start it.

“Girls need to take a risk for once,” said Junior Samuel Ortman. “Guys like it when girls take some initiative.”

“We don’t know what we’re doing,” added Sophomore Cory Thielman. “Girls are sexier when they start it.”

It seems that the stereotype of men making the first move is starting to change. Maybe someday there will be a point where the roles are reversed.

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