The Stomp Pad

Senior Joe Neumann is on his seventh year operating his backyard terrain park known as the Stomp Pad. With this winter that we have been having, Neumann and his friends have been going out to the backyard quite a bit to have some fun times in the snow.

“If I had to guess, I’d say that I have seen around 60 different faces all coming to shred,” says Neumann. “I love seeing and being able to ride with a whole bunch of different people.”

Some would say that it is a little different snowboarding at the Stomp Pad rather than going to Powder Ridge or any other ski hill.

“I like the atmosphere of Joe’s,” says Senior Drake Wolenhaus. “Good times with the buddies, and it is nice that it is private. Only bad part is having to hike up the hill.”

Neumann and his dad have built every single  feature in the Stomp Pad.

“It takes a lot of time,” says Neumann. “It is definitely a good feeling once you finish building that perfect rail, box or jump though.”

The Stomp Pad hopes to have at least another solid month of good riding.

“Once the season is over, we start thinking about what the setup will be for next year.”

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