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Gender differences segregate Superfans

  “The boys won’t come and watch us because we don’t wear spandex,” said Senior Hockey Captain Katie Rooney. “The only way we will get more fans is if we make it to State. Then everyone will come so they can miss school.”

Many people would think that fans would rather see a team with more wins, but the Boys’ Hockey team (at 9-8-2) consistently outdraws the Girls’ Team (at 18-6).

Senior Cale Ehresmann fights for the puck against Duluth Dentfield
Senior Cale Ehresmann fights for the puck against Duluth Dentfield. Photo by Alyssa Baldwin

“I just feel that they have better dangles, they are quicker, and once they score, it just feels more natural than at a girl’s game,” said Senior Drake Wohlenhaus, who has been a long term Super fan of the boys’ team.

Speed isn’t the only reason more fans choose watching the boys team.

“If they included hitting, I think they would get a lot more fans turning up at their games,” said Senior Captain Cale Ehresmann. “I know I would watch if they were allowed to check.”

Facebook has also played a role in this controversy. The issue has been made public on the Superfan page. Many students made posts and comments that are getting people fired up. Some students even brought their disagreements into classroom discussions.

“Nobody wanted to offend anyone or any sport, we just wanted more fans at girls games,” said Senior Haley Prim who played a major role in the ordeal.

Regardless of which team you prefer to watch, everyone should wish good luck to the both of them as their seasons come to a close.

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