In a sea of 1800 students, which voices stand out to a student without sight?

The voices of 1800 students in the halls all blend together. Hidden within the student body are voices that stand out. If you listen closely you will hear some of the most interesting, high, low, and beautiful voices.

Not a lot of people focus their attention on the voice of a person, because what they see first is what registers in their mind as the first thing.

“When I talk to someone the first thing I notice is the eyes or smile,” said Junior Cierra Dickhausen.

To most students, the voice isn’t as noticeable as a persons face.

“I hear a voice and I turn to see who it is,” said Junior Spencer Wilson.

This is something I can’t’ do. I cant turn to see who a person is because I dont have sight, so I listen to who a person is. I can tell a lot from the sound of a persons voice, but the first thing that comes up in my mind when I hear a voice is an image of what the person might look like. One day we had a substitute teacher for journalism class, and my classmates started a game with me. I had to guess what people look like based only on their voices.

After Junior Alyssa Serrano spoke a sentence, she paused as I described her has having brown hair, brown eyes, tannish skin, and being in to sports. This is the image that came to me when I heard her voice, and she was awed with my spot-on guess. The class was amazed at how accurate I got everyone in the class.

In the pool of 1800, I have voices that stands out to me. Seniors Brad Norman and Julia Bothun, Juniors Shania Sinna and Jake Michalko, Sophomores Gabriel Brovege-Trossen and Celeste Goodwin, and Freshman Ivy Christianson and Zach Wurm stand out the most.

These voices stand out to me because the boys have the deeper, nice, calm, tone like Norman. The girls have the soft, sweet, higher pitched voice that makes them sound like very nice people. An example being Sinna.

For the staff, I can always pick out Cindy Khalil, Mike Boggess, and Emily Greeley. I just always know that it is them. I would always know Guida’s strong booming voice and Khalil’s interesting and unique voice whenever she is coming down the hall.

Pitches and tones are an important part to a voice. I rely on them to help me read a person. For example, if they are angry, sad, excited, bored, tired, or uncomfortable talking about something. Listen next time you’re in a crowd of people and try to pick out those individual voices you like.

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Michelle is a Junior at BHS. She likes animals, singing, and her guitar.

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