Student Council works behind the scenes to set up Homecoming week

Student Council creates the decorations for Homecoming Week

During Homecoming week, as you walk through the halls of Buffalo High School, you see extravagant atrium decorations and hallways sprinkled with posters advertising the weeks school spirit events and dress up days. Students usually pay more attention to the colorful ribbons and flashy signs than the detail and hard work put into setting up the Homecoming Week decor.

“No one even has an idea how much work is put into the theme and decoration of Homecoming,” said  Vice President of Student Council Taylor Crowser. “The first meeting for Homecoming was in July.”

The first meeting consists of throwing all the senior’s ideas together. From there, they decide the theme, colors, and activities for the week. Later in the summer they inform the underclassmen of the finalized plan.

“Ordering the materials, figuring out the total cost, and planning work nights is what comes next,”  Crowser said.  “Once school begins, creating begins. Our plans start to come to life, and it’s an extremely stressful process.”

There was one meeting per week until the final week before Homecoming.The night Student Council started setting up the decorations immediately after school and continued until 7:00 pm. Their hard work was finally revealed to the school the next morning.

“It’s one of those things that is way overlooked based on how much work we put into it,”  Crowser said. “It may be a long, stressful process, but seeing the result made it all worth it. The hallways look awesome, and so do all the students. This is what I love about Homecoming Week.”

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