Walking at Graduation or a Good Laugh?

Administrators eliminate any chance of senior pranks with threats of suspension from the graduation ceremony and from state competitions. Two years ago a hard learned precedent was sent, multiple students were suspended from state competitions as well as from walking at graduation because the placed a play ground on top of the school. They broke into the school, and also put their own lives in danger for what was expected to be a good laugh.

“What frustrates me the most is the media perception of it and how its supposed to be the highlight of the year,” said Principal Mark Mischke. ” But the dont understand the other side of it and how dangerous they can be. My goal, as I’ve told students many times, is to create a safe environment, and when students start bring things into the school or changing the environment it takes control out of my hands and could end up harming something or someone.”

There is very little buzz about senior pranks this year, the rules are being enforced more than ever. Students cant leave classrooms without a pass, no loitering in the halls after school and the teardrop dismissal on the last day.

“Its kind of lame it could be fun as long as they dont take it too far and I feel that it’s too strict we could just do harmless and safe things, but even then students feel like it wouldn’t be taken lightly.” Said senior Eric Selchow.

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I'm a senior at Buffalo and next year I will attend Concordia College- Moorhead.

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