Buffalo students sound off: Facebook vs. Twitter

By: Jerame Schuetzle & Madi Denardo

Nearly all teenagers have some type of social media that they use, whether it is Facebook or Twitter. There is always something to be tweeted, shared, liked or posted.

“I first got a Facebook when I was in sixth grade,” said freshman Adam Skelly. “I went on it almost every day and never ran out of things to do,” Adam continued. “With all of the different uses of Facebook a person could see why so many people have one.”

19 out of 20 students surveyed said all of them had a Twitter and/or Facebook account. Of the students surveyed, seven said they only have a Facebook with 12 people saying they have both.

“I like going on Facebook to catch up with friends but lately, Facebook has just turned into people gossiping and starting drama through status updates,” said freshman Luke Folkerds.

Although there are a majority of teens regularly using Facebook, Twitter is another top social media site that people go on.

Overall, Twitter is very similar to Facebook in the sense that it is social based. Instead of status updates, you “tweet”, and instead of Facebook friends, you have “followers”. Although the two different sites appear similar in ways, teens have separate opinions.

“I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter and I never will, I find them to be full of drama and stupid fights,” quoted freshman Krista Koivisto.

Social media sites have a huge impact on teens in today’s life and will continue. So which are you, Twitter or Facebook?

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