Get caught playing bubble shooter and not get into trouble

During the school day, if you get caught playing bubble shooter your teacher tells you to close out of it and find something productive to do.  Business Teacher Brenda Diekman came up with an idea for students to play it without any punishment.

Every Wednesday during AAA her room, C-209, turns into a bubble target range.

“I will continue to have bubble shooter on Wednesday,” said Diekman, “if more kids come and sign up then I can have an official tournament.”

Photo By Maggie Walstrom

With little scholarly benefit it makes sense not to play it during the school day, but it holds other benefits.

“It’s addictive,” said Diekman. “It’s a feeling of accomplishment and a challenge put in front of you.”

You can show up and play or express interest in the tournament.  A tournament and a bubble shooter allowed zone will only continue if people show interest.

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