Preparing for the ACT

Preparing for the ACT can be a stressful thing. It’s the test that can determine what a college sees in you. A single point in your score can change the outcome of being accepted or rejected. For many people studying for the ACT is a task that never seems to end. The test itself is four hours long and covers what students learned from Sophomore year.

“When I started thinking about sitting down and taking the ACT I got nervous,” said Physical Education teacher Nick Guida. “To know I was going to have to concentrate for a long period of time was a big deal. I think I ended up getting a 24.”

Schools like Buffalo High School and Maple Lake High School offer classes that teach students how to prepare for the ACT and a hint at what it is going to cover. Hours can be spent just trying to learn the format of the test itself.

“I’ve taken some classes after school that have helped me know whats going to be on the test,” said Junior Jackson Schepp. “I have also taken some online pre-tests that gave me an idea of what the test is.”

The ACT test is important when it comes to college. The higher the score you get, more colleges will accept you. The lower the score, the less opportunities you have.

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