Teens getting tattoos

More and more teens are getting tattoos but that’s been a lot harder because of the new law. In Minnesota you have to be 18 even if you have your parents permission. Due to this its made people have to wait or drive out of state to were you are able to get it done.

Junior Lindsay Babler has two tattoos. One she got before the new law and the other after. She has a moon with a Chinese symbol that means sister next to it. She was 15 when she got the tattoo. The second one she had to go to Fargo were she got a quote in French on her side.

For senior Taylor Haider ,she has to wait until she turns 18 in May. Her plan is to get a quote on her foot that says, “I’ll be there for you”, because her cousins have it and they are all so close. She also is getting the words live everyday like it’s your last, it was her aunts favorite quote. She died not recently and they were really close.

“She was a great leader and a best friend and I will miss her like crazy forever.”

When picking out their tattoos they put a lot of thought into it. Lindsay said, “If you think about what you want make sure you wait a few months to make sure it’s what you still want.”

Taylor also put a lot of thought into choosing it she said.

“I made sure it was what i really wanted because it’s permanent so it had to be important to me and I’m sure this is what I want.”

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