Students describe themselves through song

In life and in school we are often asked to describe ourselves in one word, perhaps even at a job interview. People usually say things like “responsible” or “caring,” but what would you say if you had to describe yourself in one song instead?

For a high school student, being judged is just a fact of life, but being yourself is something that we strive for. Music helps some students find that, or at the very least express it.

“I would say “Crystal Ball” by P!NK, because the entire song is basically about living life happy past the material things, and not letting what other people think about you define you,” said Junior Claire Daughters.

“‘Life Ain’t Always Beautiful’ I’ve been through a lot in my life. Most of the time I’m alone. But I know I’ll be fine as long as I get up and keep going. Life Ain’t Always Beautiful,” said Junior Devon Bainey.

For others it is about defining themselves free of judgement and getting through hard times.

“I would say “Pretty Fly by the Offspring, because the lyrics are about a guy who basically does whatever he wants without thinking about being judged and I feel like that part’s me,” said Senior Niels Olsen.

“‘Stronger,’ by Kelly Clarkson because it’s all about getting through hard times and staying positive about it. I always stay positive and try to keep everyone else positive during hard times,” said Junior Hayley Johnston.

And finally for others it’s just about learning to stay smiling.

“‘Smile’ by Uncle Kracker, because people say I’m always smiling and one of my nicknames is smiley,” said Junior Katelyn Jerde.

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Rachel Ulfers

Rachel is currently a PSEO student at NHCC during her senior year. She is in DECA, Hoofprint,and enjoys photography and playing with her overbearing yellow lab.

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