Clowns Hanging from the Ceiling

The classrooms at BHS are all decorated differently. There are things on the windows, the walls, the doors, and even hanging from the ceiling.
In English Teacher Tracy Hagstrom-Durant’s room, the moment students walk in they are surrounded by toy clowns that she has collected. She has some of them on a large shelf just inside the door. Other clowns are on strings hanging from the ceiling.
“A lot of people think that the clowns are scary but I just think of her as the Drama teacher and I don’t think the clowns are that strange,” said Senior Kala Czanstkowski.
Math Teacher Emily Greeley has student projects and artwork hung literally everywhere.
Economics Teacher Brigitta Bergquist has a polka-dot theme throughout the entire room, along with a large painting she made in seventh grade.
History Teacher Tracy Hulley has a rather large troll doll collection in the corner of her room. Each doll has a fun, brightly colored outfit. In the past the dolls used to sit along the window sill.
In English Teacher Joel Squadroni’s room, each poster on the back wall is equal distance apart. If moved, he has been known to stop his lecture and fix the crooked poster.
And looking into Journalism Teacher Ryan McCallum’s room, visitors see past newspaper issue covers lining the top of the room, a giant poster of Rufus Dick, and a photo of YouTube sensation Kyle Mooney.
Each teacher adds a bit of “flavor” to their room, to make it their own.

“I’ve had classes that have been decorated and haven’t. It doesn’t have an affect on how much I want to learn it just has an affect on how well I get to know the teacher,” said Sophomore Marah Moy.
Take a look around some of the classrooms, pay attention to what is on the windows, the walls, the door, even the ceiling. You never know what you  might see.
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