Why would students choose Golds Gym over BHS?

Men groaning, weights being dropped, sweat, and people running. At any gym this is what you see. Students have access to the gym and weight room before and after school, so why would they want to pay to work out Gold’s Gym, rather than work out at the school?

Some reasons that students work out at Gold’s is for the extra classes they offer, some work out for the environment, and others do it because they have never thought of working out at BHS.

“I work out at Gold’s because I think they have a lot to offer to their members,” said Junior Travis Johnson. “Also the equipment is usually newer and in fair shape. Gold’s also is a little more private than BHS.”

Gold’s Gym has a track, just like BHS. It also has a lot of the same weights, but what most people like is the hot tub and the pool to go into after a workout.

“I feel like BHS isn’t the best place to work out because you have a less variety to do,” said Junior Britta Olson. Also the atmosphere is not the same as [Gold’s] gym. Lots of people I know go there and it makes it easier to work out with my friends that way. I also go in the pool and sauna with them.

The working out atmosphere can do a lot. Some people like being pushed harder, and some people like to push themselves.

After school students share conversation working out in school weight room. Photo by Sandy Swanson

“I work out at Gold’s because of the atmosphere,” said an anonymous BHS student. “Every time I have worked out at BHS I have been harassed by coaches and it is extremely annoying and unnecessary.”

Some reasons that students work out at BHS, is because it’s convenient after school and they get good conditioning. Other students do it because of what they might be in the eyes of coaches.

“Working out at BHS makes you look better in the eyes of the coaches,” said Junior Will Handcock. “It builds your relationship with them. They then know you are preparing, dedicated, and that you care.”

Staying in shape for sports is always a reason to go to a gym. Some students told me they do not go to gold’s because they do not live in Buffalo, and it is inconvenient.

“I work out at BHS every Tuesday and Thursday,” said Junior Julia Hogan. “I’m doing a weight lifting competition so I want to get ready for that and I want to stay in shape for volleyball.”

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