Time is running out to order a yearbook

The Tatanka yearbook is now on sale for $70, but only through February 17.  Students wishing go purchase a yearbook can still do so is in room A210 or at bhs.cc.

Buffalo High School’s Tatanka Yearbook is ranked top in State, and has been winning awards for years. The yearbook staff takes on four deadlines throughout the year writing, designing, and using photography to show off all of the aspects that make our school remarkable.

“We spend the whole year making a product that the school will remember for the rest of their lives, it’s important that we do it effectively,” said Senior Zachary Zumbusch.

The Tatanka staff puts all they have to offer into making our yearbook the best it can be; including the work that goes into selling our yearbook.

Most students at Buffalo High School are unaware that the Yearbook staff holds campaigns to decide the best way to advertise the yearbook. Last year there were the memorable superhero posters that managed to interrupt  everyday visits to the bathroom. However, there is the not so creative task of advertisement which involves the yearbook staff taking the time to stuff and mail letters containing yearbook order forms, which are then sent to every single student in the school. Tatanka goes above and beyond to ensure their fellow students that the yearbook is worth every penny.

Even though students in the yearbook staff are currently in the motion of creating ways to advertise, beat them to it. The yearbook staff wants you to get your hands on one thing that brings the together – the book that displays each contribution to this school and who the school is as a whole.

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